What is the difference between an Australian citizen and an Australian permanent resident?

What is the difference between an Australian citizen and an Australian permanent resident?

An Australian permanent resident is someone who holds a permanent visa but is not a citizen. A permanent resident can live, work and study without restriction in Australia.

What benefits do people gain from Australian citizenship?

7 Advantages of becoming an Australian Citizen

  • Hassle-free travel and re-entry:
  • Excellent consular support while overseas:
  • Federal government and defence jobs:
  • You can even become the Prime Minister of Australia!
  • Visa-free travel to 181 countries:
  • Financial assistance for education:
  • Protection from deportation:
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What are the benefits of having Australian PR?

As a permanent resident of Australia, you generally can:

  • remain in Australia indefinitely.
  • work and study in Australia.
  • enrol in Australia’s national health scheme, Medicare.
  • apply for bank loans to buy property.
  • sponsor eligible relatives for permanent residence.
  • apply for Australian citizenship, if eligible.

Should I take Australian citizenship?

Acquiring citizenship helps you stay indefinitely in Australia as well as to re-enter the country whenever you want. You also get the privilege of staying outside Australia as long as you wish to. An Australian citizen returning to the country does not have to stand in long queues at the immigration counter.

Is Australian PR for life?

Australian permanent residents are residents of Australia who hold a permanent visa but are not citizens of Australia. A holder of a permanent visa may remain in Australia indefinitely. Most permanent residents are eligible to become citizens after a waiting period.

What is the difference between an Australian citizen and a permanent resident?

One difference which does persist is that Australian citizens can sponsor spouses for migration while living outside Australia. Under the law, permanent residents are expected normally to be “usually resident” in Australia. Many types of elected positions require the officeholder to be an Australian citizen.

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What are the tax implications of becoming a citizen of Australia?

There is no impact on your Australian tax obligations, under current law. (Permanent residents, as a general rule, are taxed the same as Australian citizens). Permanent residents are not allowed to withdraw superannuation on leaving Australia, so becoming a citizen makes no difference.

What happens to my Australian citizenship if my application is approved?

You will cease to be an Australian citizen on the day we approve your application. If you are in Australia when your application is approved, you will automatically become the holder of an ex-citizen visa. No visa application is required. An ex-citizen visa is a permanent resident visa.

Can an Australian permanent resident re-enter Australia after travelling overseas?

As an Australian permanent resident, your right to re-enter Australia after travelling overseas will depend on whether the travel facility on your permanent visa is valid. You do not have automatic right of entry to Australia.