How do I complain about harassment?

How do I complain about harassment?

Yes, you can file a complaint with National Commission for Women. The Commission will take up your case with your employer/concerned organization to monitor the proceedings of your complaint as per the mandatory provisions of the Sexual Harassment at Workplace Act, 2013.

How do I file a complaint against harassing phone calls in India?

Women Helpline Numbers

  1. India Women’s Helpline (All India) 1091. 1090.
  2. National Commission for Women (NCW) 011-23237166.
  3. Delhi Commission for Women (DCW) 011 23378044. 011 23378317. 011 23370597.
  4. Police Control Room. 100.
  5. Women in Distress. 1091.
  6. Anti Stalking / Obscene calls. 1096.
  7. Student / Child Helpline. 1098.

How do I file a complaint about harassing phone calls?

You go to the nearest police station and lodge a complain against all the mobile numbers which sends you unwanted sms or gives you unwanted call. Police can investigate the complain under IT ACt, IPC, TR Act .

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What is psychological Harassment?

“psychological harassment” means. (a) any vexatious behaviour in the form of hostile, inappropriate and unwanted conduct, verbal comments, actions or gestures that affects an employee’s dignity or psychological or physical integrity and that results in a harmful workplace for the employee, and.

What is considered harassment by phone?

Telephone harassment occurs when someone intends to annoy, harass, or threaten you by: making a telephone continually ring. making lewd, indecent, or obscene comments, suggestions, or requests over the telephone. making a telephone call and using heavy breathing or silence with an intent to intimidate.

How do police handle harassing phone calls?

Law enforcement officers try to stop the harassing calls by either warning or arresting the harasser. With both Call Trace and a Trap, your phone conversations are not listened to or recorded by the phone company.

What to do if someone is harassing you by phone?

If you are being harassed over the phone, you should contact the police immediately.

  1. Exact time and date of the phone call.
  2. The content of the conversation.
  3. The number of the caller that called.
  4. Information about the caller and any personal characteristics you could make out from the caller’s voice (gender, age, etc.).