Should I use NFSv3 or NFSv4?

Should I use NFSv3 or NFSv4?

NFSv4 file creation is actually about half the speed of file creation over NFSv3, but NFSv4 can delete files quicker than NFSv3. By far the largest speed gains come from running with the async option on, though using this can lead to issues if the NFS server crashes or is rebooted.

What are the different versions of NFS?

Versions and variations

  • NFSv2.
  • NFSv3.
  • NFSv4.
  • Other extensions.
  • Typical implementation.
  • 1990s.
  • 2000s.

What is NFSv4 domain?

nfsv4domain(NFSv4_default_domain) specifies the “pseudo” NFSv4 domain for the NFSv4 name mapping. The “pseudo” NFSv4 domain allows various NFSv4 Clients from various network domains to seamlessly access the server provided that these NFSv4 Clients are also configured with the same “domain,”

Is NFSv4 stateless?

In version 3, if an NFS client fails, the NFS server has little knowledge that the client has failed. Remember, NFSv3 is stateless. The mechanism is leasing and both the client and server will know what happening to each other. NFSv4 is a stateful protocol.

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Is NFSv3 encrypted?

That’s why NFSv3 is considered to be as secure as the weakest NFS client in the environment. NFSv3 also does not provide any transit encryption. GIAC Gold Jakub Dlugolecki 12 if an NFSv4 client host is compromised, an attacker has to provide active Kerberos ticket in order to get NFS data.

What is the latest version of NFS?

NFS version 4
The latest version of NFS is NFS version 4, and it offers many upgrades in performance and security, such as the addition of LDAP and Kerberos.

What is NFS Idmap?

Description. The file /usr/sbin/nfsidmap is used by the NFS idmapper to translate user and group ids into names, and to translate user and group names into ids.

Is NFSv4 stateful?

NFSv4 is a stateful protocol. This is how leasing works: The NFS client leases a file lock from the NFS server for a certain period of time, eg. If the NFS server fails and rebooted, all the files are locked for M seconds for the incumbent NFS clients to reclaim the locks.