Why is Levi from Attack on Titan so popular?

Why is Levi from Attack on Titan so popular?

Levi’s badass demeanor is clearly displayed through his calmness, menacing eyes, and great haircut. Looks aside, Levi is exceptionally talented in combat. His skills in battle are god-like. He took down the female titan with such speed and accuracy that no other scout could have done it.

Is Levi or Eren more popular?

In terms of popularity, Eren may surpass him or become equal after the anime has aired for final season but for now Levi is more popular.

Is Levi The most popular AoT character?

1 Levi ( 86,920+ Favorites) Coming up at the very top of this list is, to no one’s surprise, Levi. Levi’s position as the best boy of Attack on Titan is very much deserved. No other character even comes close to him with that regard. Eren, his main contender, is 66,000 favorites away from him.

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What is Levi afraid of?

Levi, the most serious character getting scared by the toaster going off as they walk by.

Is Levi the most emotional?

Levi is actually the most emotional character compared to the other characters in SNK. He refuses to show his emotions to his friends by trying to look like a cold-hearted and a reckless man.

Who is famous in AOT?

Human Category

Position Name Number of votes
1 Levi 3952 votes
2 Eren Yeager 2244 votes
3 Mikasa Ackerman 2232 votes
4 Sasha Blouse 818 votes

What is Levis weakness?

Levi Strauss SWOT Analysis, Competitors & USP

Levi Strauss Brand Analysis
Levi Strauss Weaknesses Here are the weaknesses in the Levi Strauss SWOT Analysis: 1. High Pressures of Brand Protection 2. Increasing competition means limited scope for growth