Can outlets be installed horizontally?

Can outlets be installed horizontally?

Yes, you can mount an ordinary wall-type receptacle outlet horizontally with the face up, with two exceptions: 1) Receptacles on a countertop or work surface must be specially rated for that use, per NEC 405.6(B), and are typically pop-up type.

What is outlet placement code?

In kitchens, electrical outlets should be placed no farther than 48 inches apart, so that no point on the countertop is more than 24 inches away from a receptacle. Any countertop 12 inches wide or more should have an outlet on the wall behind the countertop.

Why are some outlets vertical?

It is just the way they are installed. It used to be that metal boxes were used for receptacles and outlets. Many of them used nails that went through the box and attached to wood studs. The boxes were made to mount to a vertical stud, and the boxes were vertical, and so the receptacles were vertical.

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Can a receptacle be mounted face up?

Receptacles, unless listed as receptacle assemblies for countertop applications, shall not be installed in a face-up position in countertops or similar work surfaces.

What is the proper orientation for an electrical outlet?

The outlet should be oriented with the ground pin down because a person grabbing the outlet will have their index finger at the bottom side of the plug and the index finger sticks out further than the thumb. Having the ground down will keep a person’s index finger from touching the live pins.

What must be installed wherever outlets are required?

According to 210.52(A)(1), a receptacle outlet must be installed so that no point along the floor line of any wall is more than 6 ft, measured horizontally along the floor line, from a receptacle outlet, as shown in the Figure.

What is the distance between electrical outlets?

The maximum spacing between receptacles, according to the National Electric Code (NEC), has been set at 12-feet since 1956–with no point along a wall being more than 6-feet from a receptacle.