Why does Agent Smith want to kill Neo?

Why does Agent Smith want to kill Neo?

The oracle being turned by agent smith, gave him the eyes of the oracle allowing him to inherit her power of future sight. So he saw his destiny was to destroy neo.

What happened between Neo and Smith?

Long story short, Agent Smith died by connecting to the Source. Neo jacked into the Matrix while connected to the Source. When Agent Smith copied himself onto Neo, he inadvertently connected to the Source and the machines were able to delete him. Going back to the end of the first Matrix movie, Neo destroyed Smith.

What does Agent Smith want of Neo?

There’s the obvious fact, which is that Neo is good and Agent Smith is evil. Whereas Neo’s goal is to save Zion and the humans inside the Matrix, Agent Smith’s goal was to destroy Zion and all humans. Whereas Neo was known as the One, Agent Smith (by copying himself onto others) became the Many.

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Did Agent Smith assimilate the Merovingian?

When they got to him, The Merovingian demanded the eyes of the Oracle in return for Neo. He wasn’t seen afterward, but Smith’s comment about Sati being the “last exile” may imply that Smith ended up assimilating The Merovingian. However, it’s a possibility that he’s back to normal after Smith’s defeat from Neo.

Why did Smith destroy Zion?

He is in command and wants to destroy Zion, the last free city, so that he can leave the matrix, which he sees as a zoo and prison, because then the guards will be needed no more. He hates mankind and the matrix, especially because of its smell. He sees mankind as a plague for the earth and wants to cure it.

Why does Persephone want a kiss from Neo?

They were present in his subconscious memory, and that is why when he almost died, he was able to recall how to use them again. So when Persephone asked him to kiss her with passion, she wanted to make sure that his guard was down, and she could inspect his program more thoroughly.