What are 4 Viral Diseases?

What are 4 Viral Diseases?


  • measles.
  • rubella.
  • chickenpox/shingles.
  • roseola.
  • smallpox.
  • fifth disease.
  • chikungunya virus infection.

What are 3 disease caused by virus?

Viral Infections Viruses cause familiar infectious diseases such as the common cold, flu and warts. They also cause severe illnesses such as HIV/AIDS, Ebola, and COVID-19.

Which is the viral disease of poultry birds?

Fowl pox is a common, slow spreading, widely prevalent, contagious viral disease of poultry.

How do you treat a viral infection in birds?

There is no definitive treatment for birds with polyomavirus infection, other than supportive care. Birds with mild hemorrhaging might benefit from vitamin K injections and supportive veterinary care. Often, the disease progresses so quickly that no treatment will be effective.

What are the diseases caused by virus in animals?

Table 1

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Domestic species affected Disease name Causative agent
Cattle Contagious bovine pleuropneumonia Mycoplasma mycoides subsp. mycoides
Enzootic bovine leukosis Bovine leukemia virus
Hemorrhagic septicemia Pasteurella multocida
Infectious bovine rhinotracheitis/infectious pustular vulvovaginitis Bovine herpesvirus 1

Which is a viral disease in hens Class 12?

Additional Information: Avian influenza and infectious bronchitis is a viral infection in poultry whereas fowl cholera is a bacterial disease and it has different symptoms in the different birds.

Is bird flu viral?

bird flu, also called avian influenza, a viral respiratory disease mainly of poultry and certain other bird species, including migratory waterbirds, some imported pet birds, and ostriches, that can be transmitted directly to humans.

What are the signs of bird flu?

Symptoms of bird flu

  • a very high temperature or feeling hot or shivery.
  • aching muscles.
  • headache.
  • a cough or shortness of breath.

Does chicken cause bird flu?

Contrary to what some people think that the bird flu virus, also known as Avian influenza, is spread to humans via consumption of cooked poultry products, health experts on Sunday stressed that it usually does not infect people as the virus is heat-labile (degraded and killed when subjected to heat).