What is current sweep?

What is current sweep?

A current sweep circuit is described which allows the quick and accurate recording of narrow current peaks in the I‐V characteristic of a Josephson tunnel junction driven by the circuit.

What is voltage sweep?

[′swēp ‚vōl·tij] (electronics) Periodically varying voltage applied to the deflection plates of a cathode-ray tube to give a beam displacement that is a function of time, frequency, or other data base.

What is current sweep generator?

A Simple Current Time base Generator A basic simple RC time base generator or a Ramp generator or a sweep circuit consists of a common-base configuration transistor and two resistors, having one in emitter and another in collector. The VCC is given to the collector of the transistor.

What is sweep signal?

A glide sweep (or chirp) is a continuous signal in which the frequency increases or decreases logarithmically with time. This provides the complete range of testing frequencies between the start and stop frequency.

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What is sweep oscilloscope?

Sweep speed indicates how fast the trace can sweep across the oscilloscope screen, making it possible to see fine details. The sweep speed of an oscilloscope is represented by time (seconds) per division.

What is the difference between voltage time base and current time base generator?

These are basically of two types: Voltage time-base generator: It generates a voltage that varies linearly according to time and finds its application in electrostatic deflection. Current time-base generator: It generates linearly varying current with respect to time at the output.

What is a sweep measurement?

Sweep. The sweep is the circumference of the bottom hem of a skirt, dress, coat, or jacket. For a jacket or coat, measure the sweep across the bottom hem from open edge to open edge. For a skirt or dress, measure the sweep by laying the garment flat with seams matched, measure end to end, then double.

What is sweep range?

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The frequency range (sweep range) is defined with the Stimulus settings. The sweep points are calculated from the Span and the specified Number of Points (n > 1) with the condition that the step width is constant on the logarithmic scale.

Can an oscilloscope measure current?

Most oscilloscopes only directly measure voltage, not current, however you can measure current with an oscilloscope, using one of two methods. One technique is to measure the differential voltage drop across such a resistor. These are generally low-value resistors, often smaller than 1 Ohm.