Why is natural family planning morally acceptable?

Why is natural family planning morally acceptable?

NFP is morally good by object when it flows from the personal affirmation of love and so is an exercise demanding self-control and the development of the virtue of chastity through periodic continence; contraception is simply directed against conception and demands no human self-control.

How can family planning be done naturally?

There are three major classifications of natural family planning methods:

  1. Periodic abstinence (fertility awareness) method.
  2. Use of breastfeeding or lactational amenorrhoea method (LAM)
  3. Coitus interruptus (withdrawal or pulling out) method.

What are the benefits of natural family planning?


  • NFP can be quite effective in reducing the odds of pregnancy, to less than one per cent per year.
  • These methods are almost cost-free except for a basal body thermometer and perhaps a menstrual calendar.
  • They do not involve the use of any medication so no side-effects occur.

Is natural family planning reliable?

If natural family planning instructions are carefully followed, this method can be up to 99\% effective. This means that 1 to 9 women in 100 who use natural family planning correctly will get pregnant. But if natural family planning methods are not quite followed correctly, more women will get pregnant.

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How can natural family planning be of benefit to marriage Catholic?

NFP will help you to value your child and honor God’s design for your life and marriage. It is a method that respects procreation as a way of deepening intimacy in a marriage. It will also allow a couple to find non-sexual ways of expressing their love during times of abstinence.

What is the importance of family planning to mothers?

Family planning provides many benefits to mother, children, father, and the family. Enables her to regain her health after delivery. Gives enough time and opportunity to love and provide attention to her husband and children. Gives more time for her family and own personal advancement.