Should you share your pitch deck?

Should you share your pitch deck?

First off, in protecting your pitch deck, always send your pitch deck as a PDF. This should be a no-brainer. Never send a PowerPoint, Keynote, or Google Slides document to anyone outside of your company (except your designer of course).

Should I copyright my pitch deck?

Copyright is certainly important, and can serve as a first step, but it is really important to understand that certain important parts of any television series pitch deck are not protected by copyright law. Contract law can also protect the producer when submitting the project for other parties to review the project.

What should you not do in a pitch deck?

  • Have a deck longer than around 20 slides. As much as you hate to write decks, investors hate reading them more.
  • Use no images. Images convey emotions.
  • Use no graphs. Graphs convey information in a way a table can’t.
  • Use small font.
  • Small font on charts.
  • Use weird colors/font.
  • Write a lot of text.
  • Have an ugly deck.
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How much text is in a pitch deck?

Font Size. Some veteran VCs suggest that no text in your deck should be in less than a 30 point font. That means your titles and highlights are going to have to be even bigger. Tip: Make sure you start filling in your pitch deck template in larger fonts so you have enough room.

How do you pitch an idea without it getting stolen?

4 Tips on How to Protect Your Business Idea from Being Stolen

  1. Non-Disclosure Agreements and Confidentiality Statements. A non-disclosure agreement (NDA) is one way to protect your idea before you present it to associates.
  2. Apply for a Patent.
  3. Trademark Your Company Name.
  4. Document Everything.

Is a pitch copyrightable?

Since pitches are spoken and thus not fixed in a tangible medium of expression (unless you record your pitch or write it down word for word), pitches themselves can’t be copyrighted.