What happened between Carol and Monica?

What happened between Carol and Monica?

Captain Monica Rambeau is the daughter of the late Maria Rambeau. During her childhood, she befriended Carol Danvers, a friend of her mother, and refused to believe the reports that Danvers had died in a mysterious plane crash. In 2018, Monica was killed in the Snap while accompanying her mother for cancer treatments.

Who does Monica Rambeau become in Wandavision?

Created by Roger Stern and John Romita Jr., the character was introduced as the second Captain Marvel after gaining superpowers after being hit with extradimensional energy produced by an energy disruptor weapon. Rambeau later takes the name Spectrum and becomes the first black female superhero who joins the Avengers.

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What is Monica Rambeau power?

Monica Rambeau
Abilities Energy absorption, generation and manipulation Ability to travel at speeds up to the speed of light while in her energy form, convert her body into any form of energy within the electromagnetic spectrum and travel in energy form through the vacuum of space Intangibility (Via energy form)

Is Carol Danvers Captain Marvel or Monica Rambeau?

Carol Danvers is Captain Marvel (Finally) The first person to use the name Ms. Marvel is Carol Danvers, who acquired her powers by accident. The original Captain Marvel, a Kree warrior named Mar-Vell, saved her from being killed by a Kree weapon.

Who is Carol Danvers love interest?

Carol also joins the Starjammers, Guardians of the Galaxy, the Ultimates, and A-Force, while forging close connections with them as well. At one point, Carol also has a romantic relationship with War Machine (James Rhodes), but their time is cut short by his tragic demise.

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Why does Monica Rambeau hate Carol Danvers?

The most likely explanation for Monica’s reaction to Captain Marvel’s name is down to the fact that the hero seemingly never returned to earth. … However, perhaps she’s angry about the fact that Carol may not have visited Maria before the latter died of cancer between her returns to earth 2018 and 2023.

Why does Monica not like Carol Danvers?

How fast is Monica Rambeau?

Monica also has the power to fly at superhuman speeds, even as fast as the speed of light. Essentially, she’s like Carol Danvers, the Invisible Woman, Multiple Man, and Kitty Pryde all rolled into one!