How much do SAF regulars earn?

How much do SAF regulars earn?

Specialists serving in combat service support can expect starting salaries from S$1,640 per month as an SCT, and from S$1,810 as a 2SG. Those serving in combat/combat support vocations can have starting salaries of S$2,020 as an SCT, and from S$2,260 as a 2SG.

Can I sign on while serving NS?

If you are found suitable for regular service in any of the uniformed Services before your enlistment, you will serve your regular service in lieu of your full-time National Service. You can sign on as a regular three months before your Operationally Ready Date.

How do I apply for SAF scholarship?

Eligibility Requirements of SAF Scholarship

  1. Be a Singapore Citizen or a Permanent Resident Applying for Citizenship.
  2. Have Good GCE ‘A’ Level, IB Results, or Polytechnic Diploma (With Merit)
  3. Have a Good Co-Curricular Activities Record.
  4. Have Strong Leadership Qualities.
  5. Qualify for and Excel in Officer Cadet School.
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Which job earns the most money in Singapore?

Highest Paying Job Positions in Singapore

Occupation Median Salary (Basic) Median Salary (Gross)
General practitioner/ Physician $12,280 $12,373
Chief operating officer/ General manager $11,353 $12,159
University lecturer $11,924 $11,974
Fund/Portfolio manager (including asset allocator) $11,449 $11,765

Are SAF Volunteer Corps paid?

Similar to the existing arrangements with NSmen, SAFVC Volunteers who are employed will be eligible to claim Make-Up Pay, which is the difference between his civilian income and SV allowance for the period of In-Camp Training (ICT) call-up.

How do I join SAF SOF?

The recruitment process is open to all members of the Singapore Armed Forces, provided they pass a selection test. Upon passing the test and completing a year of basic training, trainees receive a red beret and become fully inducted into the SOF, in addition to becoming a member of the Commando Formation.

Can PR sign on army?

The Singapore Armed Forces Volunteer Corps (SAFVC) welcomes applications from the wider Singapore community, namely women, first-generation Permanent Residents and new citizens between 18 and 45 years of age.