Is 12th class result published 2077?

Is 12th class result published 2077?

As usual, the results will be published in Grade Point Average (GPA) format, with the highest GPA being A+. The class 12 exams were supposed to be held in March but were postponed for almost nine months in the wake of the pandemic….NEB Class 12 GPA of Regular Students 2077.

GPA No. of students
TOTAL 310316

How can I get class 12 2077 result?

Step 1: Visit website. Step 2: Look for the box for the Class 12 result 2020….Check Class 12 Result 2077 With Marksheet

  1. Online Portal.
  2. SMS.
  3. IVR.

How do I check my grade 12 Result 2077?

How to view NEB Grade 12 Results 2077? Students can check Class 12 Science, Management, Humanities, and Education Results with a full mark-sheet from the websites of the National Examination Board (NEB), and Nepal Telecom. The results can be viewed from the following websites: NEB website:

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How can I get Marksheet of see 2077?

SEE Result With Marksheet 2078

  1. Step one: Take your mobile or laptop open the Internet browser and type ““.
  2. Step two: SEE Result 2078 will appear.
  3. Step three: Enter your exam symbol number (eg.
  4. Step four: Now finally click on the search button.

Is See Result 2078 published?

SEE Result 2078 Release Date: FAQs According to the National Examination Board, the Grade 10 test results 2077 2078 will be released today, August 7th.

How can I check +2 result in Nepal?

To get the 10+2 results, you need to send a message space to 35001.

How many students got A+ in see 2078?

National Examination Board (NEB) has finally published the Secondary Education Examination (SEE) result of 2078. The examination was conducted in 2078 Jestha 13th….Previous Year Result.

No. of Students Grade
17580 A+
51137 A
63741 B+
76564 B

Is result published 2077?

SEE Result 2076 2077 Published Date SEE result 2076/77 will be published within the third week of Shrawan. Chairman of the National Examination Board Chandra Mani Paudel said that they are preparing to publish the SEE result 2076 2077 by Shrawan 15.

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How can I see full result of see?

Get SEE Result 2078 via SMS

  1. Compose a new message.
  2. Type SEEsymbol no.
  3. Send SMS to 1600.

How can I see my results online?

How to Check SEE exam result 2078 online?

  1. Type “” in your browser address bar.
  2. Click on “SEE Result 2078“
  3. Now the SEE Result 2078 will appear.
  4. Enter your exam symbol number (eg. 0010001Q or 0010001)and Date of Birth (eg. 2048/05/15).
  5. Finally, click on the search button.

How can I get my class 12 back result?

How To Check NEB Class 12 Results, Check Class 12 Results with Marks

  1. National Examination Board’s website:
  2. Ministry of Education Website:
  3. Examination Control Office Class 10 – Website:
  4. Nepal Telecom’s website: