What was Ottoman literature like?

What was Ottoman literature like?

For the Ottomans, literature was poetry first and foremost, and nearly all the poetry was love poetry. The Ottoman love lyric (or gazel) has had, since the time of the Troubadours, a strong influence on European conceptions of love and love poetry, a fact that Western literary history fails to recognize.

What type of literature did the Ottoman Empire have?

The Ottoman and Azerbaijani forms of Turkish, which forms the basis of much of the written corpus, were highly influenced by Persian and Arabic literature, and used the Ottoman Turkish alphabet. The history of the broader Turkic literature spans a period of nearly 1,300 years.

What are the main characteristics of the Ottoman Empire?

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  • Arts/Architecture. Mosques and Palaces.
  • Cities. Istanbul.
  • Government. bureaucracy, sole control by the sultan.
  • Social Classes. Soldiers &scholars, merchants, herders & farmers.
  • Religion. millets of muslims & non muslims.
  • jobs.
  • Writing.
  • Public Works.
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What was the literary language of the Ottoman Empire?

Throughout the vast Ottoman bureaucracy Ottoman Turkish language was the official language, a version of Turkish, albeit with a vast mixture of both Arabic and Persian grammar and vocabulary….Languages of the Ottoman Empire.

Languages of Ottoman Empire
A poem about Rumi in Ottoman Turkish.
Official Ottoman Turkish
Significant Arabic, Persian

What are the characteristics of Turkish art?

Traditional Turkish art has many facets including metal, glass, wood, and leather artwork as well as handwritten books, lamps, and stone carvings. However, the traditional art of miniatures, marbling, and calligraphy are some of the most well-known.

Which were the important characteristics of the Ottoman and Safavid empire?

What were the main characteristics of the Ottoman and Safavid empires? With new military technology, the Sunni Ottomans and the Shiite Safavids expanded their empires under strong rulers and Islamic law and created strong societies and flourishing cultures in which non-Muslims participated.

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What type of architecture did the Ottoman Empire have?

Ottoman Empire Architecture Common architectural elements included large domes, smaller surrounding buildings with semi-domes, entrances with horse-shoe shaped arches and, in the complexes surrounding mosques, towering minarets. Notable Ottoman architecture included many public and administrative buildings in Istanbul.

What were the social characteristics of the Ottoman Empire?

The Ottoman Empire was organized into a very complicated social structure because it was a large, multi-ethnic and multi-religious empire. Ottoman society was divided between Muslims and non-Muslims, with Muslims theoretically having a higher standing than Christians or Jews.