Why do Ajith and Vijay fans fight?

Why do Ajith and Vijay fans fight?

Ajith and Vijay’s fans keep on fighting as they want to show that their star is very popular and is more powerful than others. They want to prove that their particular star is higher than anyone and has achieved great success in their career.

Are Ajith and Vijay rivals?

Ajith is known as ‘Thala’ while his closest rival in the Tamil industry, Vijay, is known as ‘Thalapathy’. Thala and Thalapathy fans clash often on social media, with abusive hashtags trending several times. It was the 2001 film Dheena that gave Ajith the title ‘Thala’.

What is the issue between actor Vijay and Napoleon?

Napoleon who felt humiliated in front of his friend, tried to beat him up. The hero who stepped out of his Caravan, instead of questioning the boy, started questioning Napoleon which left him more humiliated. He asked him whether he has basic manners or not and locked his Caravan door” Anthanan said in the video.

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Why did Ajith leave Nerukku ner?

Nerrukku Ner (1997): After Rajavin Parvaiyile (1995), Ajith and Vijay were once again set to share the screen space in this film that was directed by Vasanth and produced by Mani Ratnam. After a few days of filming Ajith withdrew from the film due to date issues. He was eventually replaced by debutant Suriya.

Who is Ajith best friend?

He also hosted shows and audio launches. Ajith kumar who is considered as a rival of actor Vijay since mid 2000s, has a strong friendship with the “Gilli” actor since early 90s. They both acted together in a movie named as “Rajavin Parvayile” and their friendship became evident in certain occasions.

What happened to actor Napoleon son?

The minister’s elder son Dhanoosh, an 11-year-old Class VI student in a Chennai school, suffers from muscular dystrophy, a genetic disease that leads to progressive weakness and degeneration of muscles, restricting the patient’s movement.