How good is UTI small cap fund?

How good is UTI small cap fund?

The Current Net Asset Value of the UTI Small Cap Fund – Direct Plan as of 10 Dec 2021 is Rs 15.7384 for Growth option of its Direct plan. 2. Its trailing returns over different time periods are: 50.49\% (since launch). Whereas, Category returns for the same time duration are: 64.03\% (1yr), 25.49\% (3yr) and 18.29\% (5yr).

Why you should invest in small cap?

The best reason to invest in small-cap stocks is their greater potential to deliver outsize returns than larger companies. For instance, it’s considerably easier for a $1 billion company to become a $10 billion one than it is for a $100 billion company to grow to $1 trillion.

Is UTI a good investment?

1,83,242 crore worth of assets under management at present. In its portfolio of 203 schemes or funds, 39 are strictly equity-based investment options. The best UTI equity mutual funds in 2021 provide significant returns when compared to debt instruments.

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Are small cap funds a good investment now?

Over the long run, small caps tend to outperform large-cap stocks, so an individual with a 5 to 10-year investment horizon should be comfortable investing 10\% to 20\% of their portfolio in small-cap stocks, Chan says. “As a result, having long-term exposure to (small caps) is a good investment decision,” he says.

What is UTI Floater Fund?

UTI Floater Fund is an open ended debt scheme which predominantly invests in high quality fixed rated instruments and uses Interest Rate Swaps like OIS (Overnight Index Swap), G-Sec Floater, FRBs (Floating Rate Bonds) by corporates to construct a floating rate fund.

Is UTI Flexi Cap fund good?

UTI Flexi Cap Fund (Growth) is a good choice within diversified mutual funds. Scripbox recommends other funds for investment in diversified….Fund Returns.

Last 1Y 37.4\%
Last 5Y 21.1\%
Last 10Y 18.7\%
Since Inception 14\%
6 Month CAGR 15\%

Is UTI Nifty Index fund good?

UTI Nifty Index Fund- Growth Investment Objective The fund provides a market exposure in equity of top companies at a relatively lower cost. These funds are also an ideal option for investors who prefer earning foreseeable returns.