Is the matrix part of DC or Marvel?

Is the matrix part of DC or Marvel?

The Matrix (franchise)

The Matrix
Owner Warner Bros. Entertainment
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What happens to Neo after Matrix Revolutions?

The trilogy ended with a peace between the humans and the machines, giving humans the option to leave the Matrix entirely. However, both Neo and Trinity die in the final film—Trinity in a hovercraft crash; and Neo after his fight destroying Agent Smith.

Is Neo from the Matrix a superhero?

Neo (born as Thomas A. Anderson, also known as The One, an anagram for Neo) is a fictional character and the protagonist of The Matrix franchise, created by the Wachowskis. Neo is considered to be a superhero.

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Is the Matrix in the DC Universe?

Desperate, Lex sent Matrix into the mainstream universe to recruit Superman. Superman took the orphaned Matrix, now turned into a humanoid form of protoplasm, back to the mainstream DC Universe with him.

What does Morpheus tell Neo about the matrix?

Once Neo regains consciousness and is able to walk, Morpheus tells Neo the truth about the Matrix: that it is a simulated world to which humans are connected, “a prison for your mind”, as stated by Morpheus, while unknown to them, their bodies are used as a power source for a race of sentient machines which, ironically, mankind created.

What happened to Neo’s body in the matrix 2?

Neo’s body is taken away by the Machines in the Machine City, while below in Zion, the Machines stop their attack and retire in deference to the peace that Neo bartered. The Matrix is rebooted and a beautiful sunrise appears over the horizon, created by Sati in Neo’s honor.

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Who is matrix matrix?

Matrix is a shape-shifting being from a Pocket Universe who becomes Supergirl. She was created by the good Lex Luthor of her reality, who patterned her after his deceased love Lana Lang and gave her the physiology of Superman, leading her to become a member of the Superman Family.

What powers does matrix have in the comics?

Matrix uses psychic abilities to emulate the powers of a Kryptonian. It allows her to have Super strength, speed, and endurance. It allows her to possess flight and makes her invulnerable against most conventional attacks. Along with her Psychokinesis Matrix has the ability to affect space and matter around her.