What are the recognition site in pBR322?

What are the recognition site in pBR322?

– BamH 1 site for the restriction enzyme is present on the gene for tetracycline resistance. Pvu 1 and Pst 1 sites are located on the ampicillin resistance gene in pBR 322. So by the action of BamH 1, tetracycline resistance of the plasmid will be altered.

How do you calculate restriction sites?

First, work out the frequency of occurrence of the restriction site as 1-in-x bases, as explained in the example for the Intermediate level calculation. Then take the size of the DNA in kb (kilobases) and multiply by 1000 to get the size in bases. Divide this by x and round to the nearest whole number.

Why are restriction sites added to the 5 end?

5′-extension to the restriction site. Restriction enzymes cleave DNA much less efficient towards the end of a fragment. A 5′ extension of the restriction site with 2-10 bases greatly increases the cleavage efficiency of most enzymes.

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How many marker genes are present in pBR322?

two selectable markers
pBR322 contains two selectable markers, i.e. antibiotic resistance genes for ampicillin (ampR) and tetracycline (tetR). Further reading: Plasmid.

Which of the following restriction sites are not present in pBR322?

pBR322 vector has restriction sites such as Hindlll, EcoRI, BamHI, Sall, Pvill, Pstl, Clal, ori (origin of replication). From the above discussion, we can conclude that pBR322 has a restriction site for Sall. And option ‘D’ says that Sall is not present in the pBR322 vector.

How many restriction fragments are there?

This particular sequence occurs at 11 places in the circular DNA molecule of the virus φX174. Thus treatment of this DNA with the enzyme produces 11 fragments, each with a precise length and nucleotide sequence. These fragments can be separated from one another and the sequence of each determined.

Are restriction sites palindromic?

Restriction-modification systems are used as a defensive mechanism against inappropriate invasion of foreign DNA. The recognition sequences for the common type II restriction enzymes and their corresponding methylases are usually palindromes.

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How many sets of antibiotic resistance does the plasmid pBR322 carry?

two sets
How many sets of antibiotic resistance does the plasmid Pbr322 carry? Explanation: The plasmid contains two sets of antibiotic resistance genes on coding for the ampicillin resistance and the other for tetracycline resistance.

Which of the following is a cloning site in pBR322?

The two HindIII fragments of polyoma virus DNA were cloned in the HindIII site of plasmid pBR322, a site located in the RNA polymerase promoter involved in the expression of tetracycline resistance.