What does having thin corneas mean?

What does having thin corneas mean?

A Thin Cornea – The Danger of Misreading Eye Pressure Many times, patients with thin corneas (less than 555 µm) show artificially low IOP readings. This is dangerous because if your actual IOP is higher than your reading shows, you may be at risk for developing glaucoma and your doctor may not know it.

Do Asians have thinner corneas?

The results of this study indicate that CCT does, in fact, vary among Asian subpopulations; Japanese have thinner corneas than Chinese and Filipinos. Caucasians, Chinese, Hispanics, and Filipinos have comparable CCT measurements, whereas the corneas of African Americans are significantly thinner.

Are thin corneas hereditary?

Interestingly, the heritability of corneal thickness (genetic control) is the highest for any feature of the eye. If you have a thin cornea, then more than likely your children will have a thin cornea. The converse is also true. If the parents have thick corneas, more than likely their children will have thick corneas.

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Are thin corneas bad?

Having a thin cornea is not necessarily unhealthy as the patients can have healthy eyes with good vision despite having thin corneas. However, in some patients with a very thin cornea, especially coupled with the structurally weak corneal tissue, you can develop a condition called keratoconus.

How common are thin corneas?

Thirty-eight eyes had corneal thickness measurements below 500 µm; 12\% (6 eyes) from males and 28\% (16 eyes) from females (P=0.008). All women with corneas below 500 μm were bilaterally thin. This finding differed for men.

Can Asians get Lasik eye surgery?

The recommended size is too large for Asian eyes, and smaller sizes can lead to decentration, she said. LASIK surgeries in 1997 were mostly performed by ‘non-ophthalmologists’, although a small percentage of these initial surgeries were performed by ophthalmologists as well.

Can small eyes do Lasik?

Several techniques help surgeons perform LASIK on patients with small eyes or eyelids. The success of laser in situ keratomileusis (LASIK) depends on making a good corneal flap. Many of our Asian patients have small eyes with narrow eyelid fissures. This can cause extra challenges for LASIK surgery.

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